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Bespoke Jewelry Service

Welcome to the epitome of custom-designed luxury that fabulously reflect its beholder. Our Bespoke Jewelry Service turns your diamond dreams into dazzling jewelry lovingly crafted for you and only you.‍ An exquisite marriage of design, material, and rock, we’ll create a diamond piece that delivers a promise of timeless beauty tailor made for you. Lita Asscher personally guides you on this intimate journey offering the truest Asscher heritage experience of crafting the ultimate diamond jewelry for ultimate collectors like you.

Bespoke Diamond Service

There's a diamond whose destiny is intertwined with yours. Our Bespoke Diamond Service is a pledge to find and reveal your perfect diamond, the one whose voice speaks to only you. Our generations of skill unleash your diamond's fire, light, and scintillation. No stone is left unturned in finding your dream diamond, with color and carat leading to the cut as only we at Royal Asscher do. Mike Asscher personally oversees the creation of every bespoke diamond, ensuring your diamond is shaped by the Asscher family.

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