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Defining Beauty

Since 1854

Bridal Jewellery

Give the one a memory of a lifetime. Engagement rings and wedding bands crafted with magical celebrations of love in mind.

House of Royal Asscher

Artistry, imagination and groundbreaking innovation in diamonds. Our family business has perfected its trade over centuries, each generation adding it’s own rich layers to our legacy.

Signature Cuts

Four classic diamond shapes, re-imagined and sculptured to amplify their beauty to a level which transcends all others. Each rare, exclusive and patented, meet our Signature Cuts.

Our Jewellery

We love the promise held in a diamond's crystal rough. We love the way diamonds can be cut to enhance their beauty and finessed in jewellery to fascinate. From our iconic Stars collection, to the regal modernity of our DNA collection, high jewellery made just for you, or the romantic promise within Love and Engagement… discover your diamond moment.

Our Story

A story of tradition upheld, wisdom meeting innovation passing through six generations of a family business.

A story of a diamond manufacturer becoming a jewellery atelier, inextricably linked with some of the world’s most legendary, famous and fabulous diamonds.

A story of a passion, rare and raw to catapult every diamond into fresh echelons of beauty.

A story of relationships and business integrity, from the beating heart of Amsterdam, resonating with thousands of unique customer stories across the globe.