Custodians of diamond beauty since 1854

Entrusted by the greatest diamond lovers to bring out the ultimate beauty in diamonds, the Asscher family of the House of Royal Asscher continues cutting the most breathtaking stones in the world. ‍Beyond this irresistible calling for craft, the Asscher’s are at the forefront of ethics, transparency, and accountability in the diamond trade - because beauty means everything to Royal Asscher, measured in how a diamond looks on the finger and its impact on the world.

“When I look into it, the deep Asscher cuts - which are so complete and ravishing - are like steps that lead into eternity and beyond.”

– Elizabeth Taylor

Mike Asscher

President of Royal Asscher.
6th generation Asscher family member.
Young Diamantiers Charity Committee Member

At Royal Asscher, Mike goes by the moniker 'Mr. Diamond' for many reasons. A certified Gemologist from the prestigious American Gemmological Institute in Carlsbad, California, Mike has an encyclopedic knowledge of precious and rare rocks, with a particular affinity for fancy colored diamonds.

As a sixth-generation cutter, Mike took to the polishing wheel like a fish to water, fully immersing himself in the craft. He worked his way through all departments in Royal Asscher, learning every aspect of the family trade he loves from his dad Edward and Uncle Joop.

Alongside his father, Mike created the patented Royal Asscher Round Brilliant, Oval, and Cushion Cuts - ushering the classic shapes into fresh 21st century expressions of diamond beauty.

Lita Asscher

President of Royal Asscher.
6th generation Asscher family member.
World Diamond Council Ambassador

Growing up in one of Europe’s most prestigious diamond houses, Lita Asscher developed an intimate understanding of diamonds from the cradle. Since she can remember, Lita has adored, appreciated, and understood beautiful diamonds. By her own admission, though, what she enjoys most is wearing them!

When she joined the family business, Lita infected it with her passion for jewelry. She immediately began collaborating with the world’s most exciting jewelry designers, a marriage of diamond and metal that resulted in the gorgeous collections Royal Asscher offers today.

Splitting her time between her birthplace of Amsterdam and another famous diamond city she’s called home for at least a dozen years, New York, Lita oversees business and jewelry development for Royal Asscher worldwide.

Edward Asscher

President of Royal Asscher (retired)
5th generation Asscher family member
World Diamond Council President & Co-founder of the Kimberley Process

Edward's warmth, wisdom, wit, and passion are felt in everything we do and who we are at Royal Asscher. A fifth-generation Asscher destined to craft beautiful diamonds, Edward and Joop Asscher designed the Royal Asscher Cut in 2001. He then joined creative and intuitive forces with his son Mike to create the Royal Asscher Round Brilliant, Oval, and Cushion Cuts.

Working alongside his father and uncles in the post-war Netherlands, the Asscher's reinvigorated the Dutch diamond trade during the most testing of times, establishing the family company as leaders in the sector. Edward is also a dedicated advocate for better business practices and improving ethics and human rights across the diamond sector.

Despite having held thousands of them between his fingers throughout his life, Edward still gets starry-eyed and excited when in the presence of a beautiful diamond.

Built in 1854 to cut the finest diamonds in the world.

The Asscher family has handled the most important and historically significant diamonds than any other diamantaire in history.The family's uncompromising dedication to craft and artistry began with the rise of the Dutch diamond industry in the mid-1800s. The Asscher's ability to cut and reveal the ultimate beauty of a diamond was honed and passed on, generation after generation, leading to some of the most iconic rough diamonds in human history ending up in the hands of an Asscher to shape.But what matters most to the Asscher's is a timeless love of diamonds buried in the deepest depths of the family's heart and the stories that come with them that become part of the story of the House of Royal Asscher.

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Social responsibility is a core value of Royal Asscher and all six generations of the Asscher family. This is why we strive to serve a broader constituency of the diamond industry, including consumers, employees, NGOs, governments, and the people in the communities we operate. As a family and company, we have a great responsibility to always do better. Because our legacy is something we want to feel proud of, always. So our desire to create beauty as described in our ethos ‘We Cut For Beauty’ applies not only to diamonds but to every soul we come into contact with and our planet. After all, a beautiful diamond deserves a beautiful story.

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The honor of cutting diamonds for royalty, cultural icons, and larger-than-life celebrities led to some of the most iconic rough diamonds ever found ending up on our factory’s cutting tables in Amsterdam. Crafting the most extraordinary diamonds since 1854 has imbued the House of Royal Asscher's history with many stories, from the astounding to the amusing to the unbelievable, even! And, of course, endless chapters of spectacular romances that feature diamonds in starring roles.

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