the fine art of cutting

What is Diamond Cut?

The most important of the 4Cs, cut refers to how a diamond’s facets interact with light. It is determined by a number of factors, for example symmetry, proportion and polish. More than any other factor, cut determines the beauty of the stone.

We Cut for Beauty

shaping the ultimate diamonds since 1854

Diamond cutting is a fine art. The right cut unlocks a diamond’s beauty. The wrong cut destroys the stone. To us at Royal Asscher, diamond cutting is a calling almost two centuries old.
Cutting for beauty to the Asscher family means we take diamond cutting always one step further to ensure we reveal the ultimate beauty within a diamond. Each facet is meticulously designed with the geometry of the shape and its relationship to the light in mind, resulting in the most beautiful diamond there are. Once we have designed the diamonds facet arrangement, the perfect angles and the eact degrees of each facet, we patent this design to ensure each and every diamond that bears the Royal Asscher name has the exact same beauty as when it was originally designed. This gives you the insurance that you always will have the most beautifully cut diamond in its shape. As we grew in knowledge, experience, and expertise since cutting our very first diamond in 1854, Royal Asscher’s impeccable reputation for unmatched cutting craftsmanship led to some of the finest diamonds in history having been shaped by the hands of an Asscher. 

What impacts diamond cut quality?

Below are the aspect of diamond cutting that make the difference


As a diamond is polished, it develops a mirror-like surface. The more accomplished the polisher, the more luminous the luster.


Symmetry is both art and science. A diamond cutter must ensure that every facet of the diamond is perfectly aligned, mirroring and complementing its opposing facets. The more symmetrical the facets, the greater the sparkle.


Proportion dictates how the diamond refracts light. A well-proportioned diamond exhibits fire, brilliance, and scintillation.


It is not just white light. Fire refers to how light splits into the spectral colors of the rainbow and moves within a diamond, hence the term diamond fire. Royal Asscher diamonds release the most incredible intensity of diamond fire based on industry-standard measurements.


Brilliance is a technical term for the abundance and return of white light from a polished stone.


The final product is the overall shape and arrangement of facets to create a diamond you fall in love with at first sight.