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Royal Asscher Cut Diamond Ring

About the Royal Asscher Cut diamond

Exquisite and distinctive in every way, the Royal Asscher Cut was
introduced by Joseph Asscher almost 100 years ago. As the ravishing result of
cutting 74 facets into a perfect square shape, this Asscher Cut diamond has the
brilliance of a round diamond and the rainbow effect of an emerald. A true
breathtaking masterpiece that demands the attention it deserves and leave
people in awe.

This style is considered one of the most distinctive natural shapes
available today and will add value to any piece of jewelry you choose to pair
it with.

Designers: Edward and Joop Asscher

Frequently asked questions

What is an Royal Asscher Cut diamond?

Cut with an additional step to increase their brilliance, a Royal Asscher Cut diamond adds drama and sparkle to every piece of high-end jewelry. The added complexity means more light can enter the diamond. Because of their many facets, high crown and depth, these diamonds can produce an outstanding brilliance and create a ‘hall of mirrors’ effect. The Royal Asscher cut is also known as the square emerald cut.

Are Royal Asscher Cut diamonds rare?

The Royal Asscher Cut accounts for about 1.5-2% of cut diamonds in the world, which means they are incredibly rare. The diamonds with a Royal Asscher Cut are exceptional in size, color, clarity and shine. An Asscher Cut diamond is sure to last for generations to come and will always be treasured by those who see it.

Do Royal Asscher Cut diamonds sparkle?

The Royal Asscher Cut diamond, with its rectangular shape, is incredibly glamorous, but it does not sparkle as intense as a brilliant-cut diamond. However, these diamonds still have a high concentration of brilliance, but they also have a strong contrast and light performance. This makes them great for someone who cares more about clarity than sparkle in their diamond!

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