The World’s First Patented Diamond - Royal Asscher
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The World’s First Patented Diamond

Each Asscher generation has taken our family trade of diamond cutting and perfected it with new technology, innovation, and creative touches that make our diamonds the ultimate expression of the stone’s beauty. This is why we have been entrusted with the world’s most valuable diamonds, from the Excelsior to the Cullinan that became part of the British Crown Jewels.

Today, each of our signature cuts speaks to our legacy, cut to maximize their expression of light, and carved with 74 facets - a nod to the faceting pattern of the Crown Jewels. Above all else, our signature cuts are a testament to an insatiable quest to reveal the ultimate beauty of every single diamond we touch, so we can share this magic with those who love diamonds as much as we do.

Our family’s labor of love - the cutting of diamonds - began in 1902 when Joseph Asscher perfected the geometrical lines and faceting pattern of a steep, square-cut diamond. This was the original Asscher Cut. He patented the diamond, which became wildly popular during the 1920s and 30s as it was a perfect diamond representation of the Art Deco aesthetic.

The patent expired during the height of World War II, making it impossible for the family to renew it. As a result, any cutter could now cut a diamond in the Asscher style (which didn’t make it any less special, of course!) 

An Asscher Cut diamond became synonymous with the ravishing, steep cut diamond of the Cullinan II on the Imperial State Crown, and later the Krupp diamond that Richard Burton famously gifted Elizabeth Taylor. As the ultimate connoisseur of fine diamonds, Elizabeth Taylor perfectly encapsulated both our history and legacy when she wrote:

“This remarkable stone is called the Krupp Diamond because it had been owned by Vera Krupp, of the famous munitions family that helped knock off millions of Jews. When it came up for auction in the late 1960s, I thought how perfect it would be if a nice Jewish girl like me were to own it. In truth, though, there’s nothing funny about the Krupp. When I look into it, the deep Asscher cuts-which are so complete and ravishing-are like steps that lead into eternity and beyond. With its sparks of red and white and blue and purple, and on and on, really, it sort of hums with its own beatific life. To me, the Krupp says, ‘I want to share my chemistry-my magic-with you.”

Today, the Original Asscher Cut is the foundation of most of our patented signature cuts, including the Royal Asscher® Cut, the Royal Asscher® Oval Cut, the Royal Asscher® Brilliant Cut, and the Royal Asscher® Cushion Cut. The Royal Asscher trademark is a registered trademark, and our diamond cuts are protected by patent and design registrations.


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