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A gift for every occasion - Classic diamond jewelry

A crisp white shirt, a smooth leather handbag, or even your favorite pair of denim jeans are all classics for a good reason they go with everything and stand the test of time. The same holds true of the most classic diamond jewelry pieces, whether you’re buying them for yourself or as a luxurious gift for someone you love. But it can be hard to know where to start when searching for a piece of jewelry that will stand the test of time and not fall to the wayside once a design trend passes us by.
With six generations of diamond industry experience under our belts, we’ve curated our classic diamond jewelry collection to reflect the best of the best to help you start or build a collection of fine jewelry that will not only go with everything but become storied treasures you can pass down through the generations.


A Classic Diamond Stud Earring

What better way to light up your face than with a bit of extra sparkle? If you’re looking for the perfect jewelry gift or building your own jewelry collection, we always suggest starting with a classic diamond stud earring. A diamond stud can be any shape diamond, typically set by itself in a simple, unobtrusive setting to really let the diamond shine. You can, however, make the look your own with accents like a glittering diamond halo earring that surrounds your center stones with a ring of tiny diamonds, or a sleek drop style earring that lends the look some movement and accents the length of your neck.

When choosing a diamond stud, remember that they are often listed in total carat weight, which you divide in half to determine the size of each stone. So, if you want 1 carat diamonds in each ear, you would want to look for 2 carat total weight earrings. At Royal Asscher our diamond centre stones are independently laboratory color-graded in perfect standardized lighting conditions and you can select from two different qualities for your center diamonds.


A Classic Diamond Tennis Bracelet


Taking its name from a historic sporting snafu, the classic diamond tennis bracelet hasn’t gone out of style since! In fact, this piece of jewelry has gained renewed adoration of late with fashion’s elite as the trend of stacking and layering jewelry has taken off. But what exactly is a tennis bracelet? This very
classic style is exemplified by a single row of glittering diamonds (typically round brilliant cut but can be any shape) set in an articulated link bracelet of gold or platinum, often with a hidden box clasp, giving it an endless brilliance.

The style works perfectly when worn on its own as an everyday piece of jewelry, but in a stack, it really stands out. You can layer multiple matching tennis bracelets for a wider diamond look, or play with a variety of diamond shapes, settings, and bracelet styles for a more boho look. At Royal Asscher, we 
developed a unique clasp technology that makes putting on and taking off your tennis bracelets a breeze  no more fiddling with a finicky clasp in our Extensible Collection. This clasp-free, patented Italian design allows the bracelet to slip on and off with ease thanks to its reinforced titanium springs. Set with Royal Asscher diamonds in 18k gold, the style redefines timeless luxury design.


 A Classic Diamond Eternity Ring


It’s often said that we speak with our hands, so what better way to make conversation than with a sparkling diamond eternity band? Popular since the mid-twentieth century as anniversary gifts from husbands to wives, today the eternity ring is worn for many different reasons. Many women wear them
instead of a traditional engagement ring and wedding ring set, or wear it as a wedding band nestled alongside their engagement ring. They are also quite stunning in a ring stack, mixed with different diamond shapes and sizes or varying metal colors and textures. 
An eternity band is simply a ring with diamonds that go all the way around the finger, rather than being confined to the top. These diamonds can be nearly any size and shape imaginable, from classic round brilliant cut diamonds to mesmerizing Asscher cuts. As the diamonds get larger in carat weight, the ring will get wider and take up more space on the finger, so it’s important to allow a little extra room when selecting a ring size, especially because eternity bands cannot be resized. Royal Asscher Extensible
eternity tennis rings feature patented reinforced titanium springs, allowing them to slip on and off with ease and enable a comfortable fit on the finger.


A Classic Diamond Tennis Necklace

woman with Royal Asscher diamond choker

Not one to be outdone, you can complete your show stopping diamond tennis jewelry set with a classic diamond tennis necklace. Similar to a diamond tennis bracelet or tennis eternity ring, this necklace style features an endless row of diamonds that rests against the collarbone. Whether worn with a daytime look or evening dress, a diamond eternity necklace offers eye-catching brilliance and never goes out of style. You can find many different accents and subtle details to make your piece unique.


A Classic Diamond Pendant Necklace

Royal Asscher diamond choker 

The perfect accompaniment to a pair of diamond stud earrings is a classic diamond solitaire pendantThis necklace style typically features a slender cable chain with a single diamond suspended from an understated prong setting. While demure by nature, a diamond solitaire necklace can still make a major
statement when set with an exceptional diamond. 
Handcrafted by our expert artisans, our solitaire pendants feature your choice of Royal Asscher Cut
diamond, or select a round, cushion, or oval from our Royal Asscher Collections, each cut to the highest standards of brilliance. If you want a little more sparkle, we also offer a
three-stone diamond drop pendant featuring three diamonds in subtly graduating sizes. It’s a classic piece with true statement potential.


Build Your Classic Diamond Jewelry Collection


Some jewelry pieces are simply essential, and we’ve curated our Classics Collection to reflect just that, full of elegant glamor and timelessness. Find the perfect diamond studs, delicate pave diamond drop earrings, diamond pendants, eternity bands, and more. Or explore our full diamond jewelry collectiofor collectible pieces with exceptional style, regal glamor, and contemporary design.



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