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Give the one a memory of a life time.

An unrivalled collection of engagement rings, created for romantics craving that one rare piece reflective of a deep enduring love. With designs richly inspired in nature and art, poetic geometry and surprise elements to make the heart smile and dazzle the eye. All they are waiting for is you. The one.

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Royal Asscher’s four signature diamond shapes, in carefully considered, beautifully crafted settings waiting to be explored and adored into eternity. A marriage of technique and imagination, bathed in the legendary spirit of the house, each ring expressing extraordinary sparkle. Each piece taking it’s own place in jewellery history.


Encircled with diamonds, blazing with fire and light. A halo design is when small diamonds are set around the central diamond. This can give the illusion that the main diamond is larger and amplify the drama and sparkle of the ring itself.


Three pristine, vibrant diamonds, side by side for extraordinary light and fire. The symbolism of a three stone diamond, is the past, the present and the future, alternatively it can represent friendship, love and fidelity. But sometimes a trilogy design is just the perfect ring for the girl who thinks more is more and wants triple the sparkle!

Five Stone

Five diamonds, perfectly matched, blazing with beauty. Whether an alternative engagement ring, an elopement ring, a wedding band or an anniversary gift, a five stone ring never fails to impress.

Wedding bands

The natural accessory for Royal Asscher's collection of engagement rings. Each ring a circle of meaning, crafted lovingly as a symbol of the love of a life time. With this ring, you wed.

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Stars Collection

Diamonds that would never be the same from any angle… in constant freefall, every facet glistening with each movement. Shake up your snowglobe and watch your diamonds twinkle, float and cascade like little stars. As dazzling as it is unique, our Stars concept is expressed across rings, earrings, cufflinks and pendants.