At the heart of all we do is a legacy of love for diamonds

A love affair of six generations

As his great-great-great-grandfather did, Mike Asscher continues in the House of Royal Asscher's trusted tradition of designing the finest diamond cuts ever. The calling for craftsmanship results in beautiful diamonds - the object of our desire and passion at Royal Asscher.

The Royal Asscher® Cut

Almost 100 years after the Asscher Cut was first originated by Joseph Asscher, his great-grand nephews Edward and Joop revised the design, adding 16 additional facets to make it the reminiscent of the Cullinan II diamond of the Imperial State Crown.

The result is a ravishing 74 facet perfectly square diamond, absorbing the light from each angle. The Royal Asscher Cut catches the eye with the brilliance of a round cut and mesmerizes it with the rainbow effect of an emerald cut.

The Royal Asscher Cut’s unique aesthetic inspired our tradition of 74 facets in each of our patented diamond cuts.

Designers: Edward and Joop Asscher

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The Royal Asscher® Oval

Edward and Mike Asscher set out to master the tricky accomplishment of creating the perfect, slender and flattering Royal Asscher Oval by playing with proportions and faceting patterns to uncover a new dynamic fire within the shape.

The result of the work of father and son is a dazzling 74 facetted elegant, elongated shape and precisely rounded corners. The way it captures the light, then transformed and released it with incredible energy and beauty.

Designers: Mike and Edward Asscher

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The Royal Asscher® Brilliant

Our Royal Asscher Brilliant takes the most enduringly popular classic diamond cut and gives it extra head-turning sparkle.

By adding facets on the outside of the diamond, the Royal Asscher Brilliant removes some of the darker elements seen in a traditional round diamond. The effect is a crisp, clear and different diamond, a fresh generation of beauty for this timeless, beloved shape.

Designers: Mike and Edward Asscher

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The Royal Asscher® Cushion

The Royal Asscher Cushion is a modern twist on a vintage classic, combining curved corners with the captivating brilliance of larger stones. Our Cushion has additional faceting on the table and bottom of its design, which enhance its beauty by exposing the diamond's sparkle potential without losing the soft pillowy elegance of the cut.

Designers: Mike and Edward Asscher


The Royal Asscher® Pear

The Royal Asscher® Pear is inspired by the Cullinan Diamond, the largest gem-quality rough diamond in history cut by Joseph Asscher in 1907. We applied a new and improved pavilion side cullet to our patented Pear, ensuring as much scintillation from the stone catches the eye. The result is a diamond so beautiful it transcends time, a perfectly delicious and glamourous Pear shape with a sophisticated, modern aesthetic.

Designer: Mike Asscher


Crafting the ultimate diamonds since 1854

The Asscher family pioneered the art and science of diamond cutting in 1854. Ever since then, six generations at Royal Asscher have been crafting majestic diamonds that transcend time, revealing the timeless beauty of this most desirable stone.Our family of exquisite patented diamonds is at the heart of Royal Asscher, each shape offering a unique experience of indescribable diamond fire, sparkle, and light. Our breathtaking diamonds offer infinite pleasure to the eye. Beyond that, each diamond we work with is responsibly sourced and conflict-free, making Royal Asscher stones an expression of beauty, both aesthetically and ethically. Because we want you to enjoy your diamond in the same place from which we offer it - the heart.

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Finding your diamond

Sometime in 1854, guided by a stone's voice, Joseph Asscher crafted a diamond so stunning and singular, a work of timeless beauty worthy of the billions of years it took to be created. That moment sealed the Asschers’ destiny, as six generations later, the gift of hearing a diamond’s whisper remains a sixth sense of the family. Discovering your Royal Asscher diamond is a breathtaking moment defined by a stone’s voice that only you can hear. Since 1854, it’s been our privilege and pleasure to make the introduction between your diamond and you.

The 4Cs & what you don’t see

Every diamond is unique, with its own personality, characteristics, and energy. Each diamond is as individual as a fingerprint and as different from another as two snowflakes. During the billions of years they take to form, each diamond develops its identity and perfect natural beauty.

The 4Cs - Cut, Color, Clarity and Carat - are the globally accepted standards for accessing a diamonds standard and beauty. Royal Asscher diamonds are Beyond Beauty, allowing the right diamond to create a stir in your heart when you meet it.

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Legendary Diamonds

Our family entered the diamond cutting trade out of passion, transforming a skill into a calling heard and answered by six generations of Asschers since our first cut in 1854. Like Michelangelo, who saw the angel in the marble and carved until he set him free, we Asscher’s see the ultimate beauty residing in every rough diamond, and our hands cut and polish to set that beauty free. Our calling is why a legend grew around the Asscher name, bringing the most incredible diamonds and equally incredible diamond lovers to us with the same request - to reveal the infinite beauty hidden within the stone.

The greatest diamonds in the world have been shaped by Asscher hands. We invite you to discover some of these remarkable stories.


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