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Natural and Conflict-free 

We guarantee that our diamonds are mined in environmentally responsible ways and cut and polished under ethical conditions; processes which are carefully monitored by both ourselves and independent auditors.

Our rough diamonds are sourced from companies and nations compliant with the Kimberley Process; a joint global initiative to stop the flow of conflict diamonds. There are numerous issues facing the global diamond industry as it evolves over time. All the Asscher family hold positions on professional associations and as a company Royal Asscher has a policy of lobbying for human, social and environmental rights working with forward thinking colleagues in the industry.


Our Royal Predicate

In 1980, Queen Juliana of the Netherlands honoured our company with the Dutch Royal Predicate, earning us the right to change our name from Asscher Diamond Company to Royal Asscher Diamond Company. Queen Juliana a regular visitor to the Asscher Amsterdam offices felt strongly about giving the designation and it was the last one she awarded before her abdication to her daughter Beatrix in the same year.

The Royal Dutch Predicate was first introduced in 1807 by King Louis Napoleon Bonaparte as a means to distinguish certain companies and associations, by giving them the right to use “Royal” in their name.

Today it is the ultimate honour, awarded only to businesses of national importance that have shown exceptional industry leadership over at least one hundred years.



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