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Royal Asscher Diamonds Boutique

Pieter Cornelisz Hooftstraat 142, 1071 AL Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Phone: +31.20 238 4790

Website: www.royalasscher.com/

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Royal Asscher diamonds and jewellery can be discovered in some of the finest independent jewellers and chain jewellery boutiques across the world.

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If you don't have an approved retailer nearby, please contact us at head office, where we are always happy to help:

Telephone: +31 20 6791311
E-mail: enquiries@royalasscher.com

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The Diamonds Boutique

Amsterdam is the eternal city of diamonds and for us it is home. Royal Asscher has always played an important role in setting the Amsterdam diamond industry on the world stage, having a dedicated home store felt like a natural next step for us.

In 2018, in partnership with leading Dutch Retailer Schaap and Citroen, we celebrated another memorable milestone with the opening of our first ever Amsterdam boutique. Two light flooded floors of jawdropping jewellery in a prime location on Amsterdam's premier shopping street the PC Hooftstraat. With intriguing antiquities on display regarding the Cullinan Diamond and Britain's Crown Jewels, warm, well informed and welcoming staff , 'The Diamonds Boutique' is the place to discover all Royal Asscher's cuts, collections, limited edition and one off pieces alongside a gorgeous selection of Schaap en Citroen pieces in a seamless blend of beauty. Alternatively, you can be guided by our team and create jewellery from your imagination.