Stars Collection

Let it Reign!

The concept? Diamonds that would never be the same from any angle and could be seen from every angle… in constant freefall, every facet fiery and bright. The result? An instant icon! Expressed across rings, earrings, cufflinks and pendants, prepare to be mesmerised.

High Jewellery Collection

Where creativity, imagination and craft collide.

We love meeting people who are inspired by the near limitless possibilities of diamonds. Inspired by themes or ideas, each piece of high jewellery is Royal Asscher bringing your one-of-a-kind bespoke jewelry vision to life.

DNA Collection

Regally inspired. Breathtaking elegance.

Evoking the casual beauty of modern royalty, our DNA collection is inspired by the artistic details of tiaras and crowns. Diamonds in sleek, chic, stunning gold, bold with regal glamour, the epitome of enchanting everyday elegance.