Since 1854, the Asscher family business has been synonymous with the world's finest diamonds

Our story is one of six generations of craft and artistry. It is about being at the centre of the Dutch diamond industry, adding our unique touch to some of the most iconic diamonds of our time and constantly creating. It is about driving forward our family legacy, constantly inspecting and analyzing stones to unlock the full potential of their beauty to share them with the world.

Most of all, our story is about our timeless love of diamonds and the stories that come with them, which keep them close to our heart.

The Cullinan Diamond

The largest gem quality rough diamond ever found is the 3106 carat Cullinan diamond. The diamond was found on January 26th 1905 at the Premiermine in Pretoria, South Africa and named after the mine’s chairman Sir Thomas Cullinan. Today we know the diamonds yielded from the Cullinan qualify as D flawless and of Type IIa quality.

A diamond find so large attracted attention across the globe. The world’s media avidly followed the evolving story of this incredible find with speculation mounting internationally of what would become of the magnicent diamond in the rough.

The Excelsior Diamond

The Excelsior might be considered “Great Unknown” of famous diamonds. Found in 1893, in the Jagersfontine mine in South Africa, the diamond was a giant G colored gem, weighing 995.2 carats —the largest diamond in the world, up until the Cullinan’s discovery.

Royal Asscher's Golden Book

The Golden Book

At the turn of the 20th century, our company was growing, and with it, our notoriety. We started receiving visits from heads of state, and royalty from around the world who came to see the art and craft of diamond polishing and enjoyed grand welcomes with dazzling displays of the world’s finest cut diamonds.

Now over 100 years old the Golden Book is a testimony of days gone by; signed with personal messages from Emperors, Kings, Queens, Dukes and Duchesses, Prince and Princesses, Ambassadors and emissaries from all over the world… each visit bringing with it a memory and an anecdote. With its heartwarming messages and sometimes funny language of days gone by, the Golden Book is one of the House’s most cherished possessions.

Royal Asscher Amsterdam Headquarters Tolstraat De Pijp

Tolstraat 127: The Jewel of Amsterdam

During the 18th century, Amsterdam received a monopoly of diamonds from Brazil, quickly catapulting it to the center of the diamond industry. Jewelers and stonecutters from around the world flocked to Amsterdam to learn the trade, encouraging thriving partnerships between mines, newly formed diamond buying syndicates and the talented cutters in this “City of Diamonds.”