A Family Legacy

“At the heart of all we do is a legacy of love for diamonds.”

We’re a family business with an expertise that has passed on and evolved through six generations, each generation honoring our legacy by using the latest technology to transcend innate talent into art.

Our passion for creating beautiful diamonds extends to sharing them, and seeing them adorning people who love them as much as we do.

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Lita Asscher of Royal Asscher Diamonds

Lita Asscher

Growing up in one of Europe’s most prestigious diamond houses, Lita Asscher has always appreciated and understood beautiful diamonds, though her primary interest was in wearing them.

When she joined the family business, Lita injected it with her passion for jewellery and sought to collaborate with some of the world’s most exciting jewellery designers to deliver all the gorgeous collections Royal Asscher offers today.

Splitting her time between her beloved Amsterdam and New York where she has lived for 12 years, Lita is responsible for business and collections development internationally.

Mike Asscher of Royal Asscher Diamonds

Mike Asscher

We call Mike ‘the diamond guy’ although he’s really much more than that. A Graduate Gemmologist of the prestigious American Gemmological Institute in Carlsbad, California, Mike is knowledgeable about all sorts of precious and rare rocks and has a particular passion for fancy coloured diamonds - passed down no doubt from his Father Edward and Uncle Joop.

Mike was always eager to learn the family trade and took to the polishing wheel to immerse himself fully in the craft, later he worked his way through the business in different departments on an avid quest to learn every aspect of the family trade he loves.

Alongside his father Edward, Mike created the Royal Asscher Round Brilliant, Oval and Cushion Cuts - ushering classic diamond shapes into fresh 21st century expressions of diamond beauty.

Edward Asscher of Royal Asscher Diamonds

Edward Asscher

Edward’s warmth, wisdom, wit and passion radiate across everything we do and everything we are. He received a knighthood for his social and ethical work in 1999. Edward has dedicated his career to advocating for better business practices across the diamond industry and sits on the board of several associations focused on improving environmental and human rights conditions across the sector. Ingenious and savvy, Edward is a Dr of Economics, who grew up in the post war Dutch diamond industry and worked alongside his Father and Uncles to successfully reinvigorate the Dutch diamond trade and the Asscher family business during testing times. All of this makes Edward sound very serious, and about the things that matter he certainly is. But he still gets giddy over diamonds…

Edward Asscher designed the Royal Asscher Cut in 2001 alongside his brother, Joop Asscher. The Royal Asscher Round Brilliant, Oval and Cushion Cuts were created together with his son, Mike.