Love & Marriage

Since 1854, six generations of Asscher's have crafted diamond-shaped love stories. Our rings are chronicles of thousands of romances, engagements, and marriages, and yours could be next with a ring designed by the sixth generation of the Asscher family. Customize the details of your ring to your heart's desire to celebrate your declaration of love with a personal touch.

Solitaire and Pavé

The quintessentially classic single stone in Royal Asscher’s four signature diamond shapes, our Solitaires are effortlessly stunning masterpieces. A marriage of technique and imagination, each ring expresses love in the ultimate language of romance.

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Our Halo rings blaze with diamond fire to match the passion in your heart. Each halo features small diamonds adorning a central stone, amplifying the drama and dazzle of romance.

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Our three-stone diamond Trilogy Collection brings the past, present, and future together, creating a ring of timeless beauty. Three gorgeous diamonds side by side, multiplying extraordinary light, it’s perfectly fine to want a Trilogy to simply treble the sparkle in your life!

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Five Stone

How many diamonds are enough? Our Five Stone Collection offers dazzling proof that a ring with five perfectly matched diamonds in gorgeous symmetry is very necessary in the world. As an alternative engagement ring, elopement ring, wedding band, or anniversary gift, a Five Stone Royal Asscher is a ring for all reasons.

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Wedding Bands

Diamond-encrusted expressions of endless, infinite love - a Royal Asscher wedding band is the most precious symbol of commitment awaiting you at the end of your walk down the aisle.

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