Diamonds in motion...

Somewhere in the Universe is a whole entire planet made of diamond. Though it probably doesn't sparkle as much as our captivating Stars collection. An iconic concept as dazzling as it is unique.

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Stars ring in rose gold with pave and floating diamonds


Diamonds snowglobe style! Dancing with freefalling polished pave diamond fire, every facet blazing bright in every moment… never the same from any angle. Time to shake it up!

Stars by Royal Asscher - Floating diamonds Earrings


Headturning earrings, full of diamonds that float, fall, twinkle, sparkle, blaze and captivate. What more could a lady ask for?

Stars by Royal Asscher - Floating diamonds Necklace


Effortlessly flattering and always a talking point,the Stars necklaces all dramatically dangle and blaze with the light of a thousand suns. They also look fabulous on the dancefloor…



Amplify your sparkle factor and finesse your look with our sophisticated Stars cufflinks. No perspective is ever the same.

Royal Asscher DNA collection

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Our DNA collection evokes modern royalty. Inspired by the regal glamour of tiaras and crowns, with diamonds in sleek, chic, modern pieces, the epitome of everyday elegance.